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women in kind entry list

Now & Next: Coworking Space Meets Women’s Unique Needs

Women in Kind is frank about the ways workplace needs differ between men and women and addresses them head-on. 

arno list

Now & Next: DU and Colorado team up to make government more efficient

The University of Denver's Barton Institute for Philanthropy and Social Enterprise will evaluate state programs to see what's working --  and what isn't. The partnership is modeled after a similar program in Rhode Island.


New & Next: The Strengths of Employee Ownership

Employee ownership is on the rise among small businesses, and the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center is helping it gain more traction in Colorado.

Nita Mosby Tyler thumb

New & Next: Becoming Miss Ann

Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler looks back at lessons from the woman who taught her about equity as she launches The Equity Project, LLC.

COmal thumb

New & Next: A Launchpad for Restaurateurs

Comal Heritage Food Incubator trains and employs a local workforce to provide Globeville with authentic Latin cuisine and culture.

Catalyst 250

New & Next: Developing Colorado's Innovation Economy

Dana Keller of Koelbel and Company says real estate development is helping drive innovation in Colorado.

Beach 250

New & Next: Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Rebecca Saltman, community engagement officer for Confluence Denver, takes stock in the year, and looks forward to the next one.

KS 250

New & Next: A Money Storm is Coming

Karl Dakin of Colorado Community Capital says an influx of investment capital is on its way. On Feb. 1, 2017, the ComCap Colorado conference will highlight this bounty.

OTO thumb

New & Next: Investing in Denver's Equitable Growth

Beth Bafford of Calvert Foundation and Luis Duarte of Gary Community Investments discuss the Ours to Own investment program in Denver.

CCC 250

New & Next: The Colorado Capital Challenge

Karl Dakin of Colorado Capital Congress PBC announces the Colorado Capital Challenge to increase local businesses' access to funding.

Nora Bashir 250

New & Next: Growing a Movement

Nora Bashir, executive director of Chinook Fund, challenges the community to break down boundaries of class and privilege.

Shawcross 250

New & Next: Radio Free Denver

Open Media Foundation Executive Director Tony Shawcross discusses Denver's upcoming low-power radio station, 104.7 FM.


New & Next: Helping Every Child Succeed

Amber Giauque Callender discusses the innovations in education and engagement taking place at Denver Public Schools.


New & Next: Denver's Social Impact Bond Makes Impact Investing Mainstream

The Denver Foundation's Kate Krebs Lyda explains how local "philanthrocapitalists" can invest in solutions aimed at reducing homelessness in the city.


New & Next: Changing the Money Conversation through Collaboration

Benjamin Weeda, business development director of mpowered, advocates for better banking through strong partnerships between the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

CLC thumb

New & Next: Social Investing Goes Local

Patrick Horvath of The Denver Foundation says that the time has come to support efforts that build wealth by keeping assets and resources local.

Blake 250

New & Next: Developing Denver's Food System Infrastructure

Blake Angelo, the city's manager of Food System Development, is working to develop a vision for our food system that encompasses both the challenges of food security and opportunities for economic development.

Cas thumb

New & Next: Arts and Community Converge at IdeaLab

Creative partnerships are the key to success for a wide range of projects, says Carl Atiya Swanson of Springboard for the Arts. That's going to be a prime topic of conversation Nov. 6 at IdeaLab in Denver.

Willard 250

New & Next: Impact Investing and Philanthropic Capital

Cindy Willard of Full Potential Philanthropy says that socially-minded investing has power to impact Denver in more ways than one.


New & Next: Think Outside the (Traditional) Denver Startup Box

Caryn Capriccioso of interSector Partners, L3C and the Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange encourages nonprofits to consider social enterprise as an avenue for job creation and sustainable revenue.


Voice of Denver: Art Tank Offers New Way to Support the Arts

An innovative program that pushes artists to think like entrepreneurs, Art Tank 2.0 is now open for entries with a deadline of Oct. 1.


New & Next: Don't Cry Uncle, Call the Colorado Nonprofit Loan Fund

Rosanne Sterne, executive director of the Colorado Nonprofit Loan Fund, says the organization can bridge the gap for nonprofits during lean financial times.


New & Next: Triumph of the Heart

Local author Megan Feldman Bettencourt discusses how Denver is a trailblazer when it comes to forgiveness.

CMH thumb

New & Next: Mi Casa Resource Center Tackling Poverty with Integrated Approach

Christine Márquez-Hudson, CEO of Denver's Mi Casa Resource Center, says there's no one-size-fits-all approach in the fight against poverty.

Grado 250

Voice of Denver: Fireant Studio Strives to Support Nonprofits

A commitment to philanthropy is at the heart of Fireant Studio's business model, says Stephanie Grado, the company's marketing and production coordinator.

Ryan 250

New & Next: Summit15 Bringing Social Enterprise World to Denver

Tamra Ryan of Women's Bean Project invites Denver to join social enterprises from all over the country at Summit15 in September.

Brendan Landry 180

New & Next: Fostering Opportunities with Microfinance

Brendan Landry of the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) extols the virtues of small investments.


New & Next: Shared Spaces Quietly Catalyze Community Redevelopment

With today's exploding coworking trend, it is easy to miss the fact that Denver has been building a foundation for this smart approach to real estate for over a decade. Megan Devenport  of Denver Shared Spaces and Christi Craine of Urban Land Conservancy dig into the trend.


Voice of Denver: Why I Gave to Ours to Own

Ours to Own offers a user-friendly way for all kinds of Denver residents to invest in the city, says Linda Campbell, a trustee at The Denver Foundation.


Voice of Denver: Navigating the City's Coworking Scene

Thrive Workplace's Jessica Kutz offers a cheat sheet on Denver's coworking spots, from Cluster Studios to Galvanize.


Voice of Denver: NACD Marks its First Decade in Colorado

Since its establishment in 2004, Colorado's state chapter for the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) has set the national pace for corporate board best practices.


Voice of Denver: Modern Regs, Networks Deliver Innovation and Improved Voice Service

Coalition for a Connected West Executive Director Michael Price says it's time for Colorado's telecom regulations to catch up with the times.


Voice of Denver: Relocating Offices in Denver without the Hassle

Real estate veteran Howard Ecker says there are five key questions to ask before relocating an office in Denver.


Voice of Denver: Sen. Bennet "ColoradoSources" Input on Crowdfunding Regs

Senator Michael Bennet is seeking input from Colorado entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners to share with the SEC to help shape crowdfunding policy.

The new Daktronics scoreboard at Sports Authority Field at Mile High is the third largest in the NFL.

Voice of Denver: A Tech Upgrade at the Broncos' Stadium

Russ Trainor, VP of IT for the Denver Broncos, highlights the Broncos' technology improvements for the 2013 season. The offseason upgrade included massive LED scoreboards, faster Internet and a slew of HDTVs. 


Voice of Denver: Progress Made in Connecting the West, Work Remains

Coalition for a Connected West Executive Director Michael Price says we are in a connectivity hub on the Front Range, but there is more work to be done on the regulatory level.

Shawn Adamson

Voice of Denver: Tips for Telecommuting

Shawn Adamson, Vice President of Commercial Business Services for Comcast Mile High Region, offers four tips for Denver's telecommuters.


Voice of Denver: CBCA's Unique Leadership Program Focused on Arts & Culture

Deborah Jordy, Executive Director of the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts, invites Denver's business leaders to apply for its Leadership Arts program.

Whitney Hake

Voice of Denver: Three Ways to Avoid the Pitfalls of Office Leasing for Startups

Whitney Hake, a commerical broker with Cassidy Turley, offers some advice for startups looking for office space in Denver's heady real-estate market.

Suzan Bond

Voice of Denver: Be Part of Silicon Mountain at Denver Startup Week 2013

Suzan Bond puts out the rallying cry for speakers and sponsors as organizers plan for Denver Startup Week 2013 to be bigger than the lauded inaugural event last year.

Jim Bould

Voice of Denver: Green Building Education Key to City's Future

Jim Payne serves as VP of Marketing and Director of Business Development for BOULD, a Denver-based company focused on sustainability and green building education. Payne says we need to rethink the educational paradigm when it comes to making construction more sustainable.


Voice of Denver: Investing in Ourselves at Denver's Peak Academy

Scotty Martin, Manager of Process Improvement, and David Edinger, Chief Performance Officer, at Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock's Office, say Denver's Peak Academy streamlines and improves processes, eliminating waste and saving time and money.


Voice of Denver: The Ins and Outs of Mobile Apps

Nathan Kurach of AgentSolid argues that most organizations in Denver should take a good long look at developing a mobile app -- but he advises calling an expert first.


Voice of Denver: Curating an Idea

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Bobby and Martha Weidmann explain how a collection of curated objects can address bigger issues than a single piece of work.


VoD: Let's Do Denver Startup Week All Year

Audrey Klammer is Director of Marketing at Denver startup AlchemyAPI and organizes StartDrinkingUpDenver, a monthly happy hour for startups. She encourages the startup community to capitalize on the momentum created during Denver Startup Week.

Art of Winter

VoD: Learning from Copenhagen

Earlier this month, Fast Company named Copenhagen, Denmark, the smartest city in Europe. What can Denver learn from this remarkable city that might -- someday soon -- become one of Denver’s Sister Cities?

Robert headshot

VoD: Catalyzing a Creative City

Denver entertainment executive Robert Ham discusses what it takes to build a creative community.


VoD: Pay It Forward. Give. Ask. Receive.

Jon Rossi, the catalyst behind Startup Denver, Denver Startup Weekend, Lean Startup Machine Denver and Startup Grind Denver, has one piece of advice for the hundreds of entrepreneurs he interacts with: Pay it forward.

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