Washington Post covers Denver and the other finalists in $40 million Smart City Challenge

The Washington Post published a story and infographic on Denver and the other finalist cities in the U.S. Department of Transportation's $40 million Smart City Challenge. A winner will be announced later in June.




The soaring population has led to crushing congestion, sapping the spirits of people with and without means and putting a sour asterisk on life in the Western boom town.


The population has jumped by nearly 25 percent in 15 years, to 683,000. The city swells by 200,000 a day, with most trips starting or ending outside the city. Roughly a third of people live in poor neighborhoods with high unemployment. Building a single, mile-long lane along jammed Federal Boulevard cost $30 million.


Marry carpool services such as Lyft Line with light rail, commuter rail and bus lines, so people can more easily get to and from stations and drive less. In poorer areas in particular, the city plans to partner with Lyft and potentially others to promote "on-demand transit."

Read the rest here; infographic here.

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