TechCrunch discusses Denver incubator Galvanize

Tech magazine TechCrunch takes note of Denver’s expansion into start up workspaces with a feature on the recently opened Galvanize space.


It’s not quite as cool as working next to other startups on a boat in international waters, but when it comes to appealing settings in which to build a business, the Rocky Mountains aren’t half bad. Founded in Boulder in 2006, TechStars and other startup networks/accelerators like it have been on a mission to turn the Rockies — and the cities that lie in their shadows — into vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems. At least in Colorado.

The latest initiative is Galvanize, a 30,000-square-foot workspace for digital startups that recently opened in downtown Denver. While most of Colorado’s entrepreneurial energy emanates from Boulder, the Galvanize founders are on a mission to bring Denver into the conversation by creating a shared workspace that will accommodate over 300 individuals and approximately 60 to 70 startups once it’s fully operational.

Jim Deters, the founder and Managing Director of Galvanize, tells us that the idea was inspired by other national startup communities and workspaces like RocketSpace in San Francisco and 1871 in Chicago. It offers support and office space for every phase of the business development process, from a shared area for small, one-or-two person teams in the ideating phase to suites for 10-person startups.

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