Choozle, marketing platform for all, boogies out of beta at Prost Brewing

Choozle is launching out of its beta phase with a party at Prost Brewing on March 20. The company’s marketing platform harnesses the power of "big data" for the rest of us. 

"There are tons of very powerful players that play in the high end [of software marketing platforms] and what we wanted to do is really simplify the ad-tech stack for everyone," explains company Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Fischer. "Even if you're a small or medium-sized marketer or independent agency you don’t have to go out and basically contract a data management platform. It can be very expensive, very time-consuming and very confusing."

Choozle, according to Fischer, allows companies to harness big data to better understand the demographics of people visiting their sites, including information on age, location and what people are shopping for, and it helps its subscribers dig into to the data to better target the audiences appropriately. "The bottom line is we're making it easier, simpler and more cost-effective for marketers to use online advertising technology and we put it into one simple easy-to-use platform," he contends.

"The whole idea is to create from end-to-end a simple platform a much lower cost," Fischer says. He calls Choozle a disrupting platform in the marketing space. "Because that’s a big, expensive piece of technology that traditionally that costs tens of thousands of dollars. You have to go to Oracle or big players. We're able to offer it starting at $199 a month."

Choozle was launched to offer an alternative to big data management systems like those offered by Oracle, Adobe and, Fischer says. "Marketing is kind of one of the last bastions where all the big players are assembling a tech stack. They've bought tons of different types of marketing software across the spectrum over the last 10 years, including everything from email marketing automation, to social media management, to display advertising."

Before going commercial Choozle tested the platform with roughly 20 beta testers -- among them Dick's Sporting Goods, Merriam-Webster, EVOL Foods and more. "All of our test partners are converting into pay members. We are now generating revenue with the new platform," Fischer says.

Choozle also is seeing a lot of interest from other companies. "We're working with local companies and national brands," Fischer says. "The interest in the product have been extremely high, which is exciting."

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