Denver by the Data, Vol. 3: Sports & Recreation

This is the third installment of Denver by the Data, a quasi-monthly, data-driven belly flop into different topics of various to the city. The topic of the month: sports and recreation.
Denver Broncos

All-time record (AFL & NFL, 1960-present): 444-382-10 (0.537 winning percentage)

Playoff record: 20-19 (0.513)

Super Bowl record: 2-5 (0.286)

Peyton Manning total passing TDs in a Broncos uniform: 131 in 48 games, or 43.666 per full 16-game season

John Elway total passing TDs in a Broncos uniform: 300 in 234 games, or 20.513 per 16-game season (Tim Tebow had 17 in 23 games, or 11.826/season.)

Rushing TDs as a Bronco: Elway had 33 and Manning has 1. (Terrell Davis had 60 and Tim Tebow had 12.)

Elway is 7th in rushing yards for the franchise, with 3,407 on 774 carries. (Davis is no. 1 with 7,607 rushing yards on 1,655 carries.) Manning is dead last in franchise history -- 260th of 260 players who have ever had one rushing attempt -- in rushing yards, with -49 yards on 79 carries, just below Brandon Lloyd (no. 259 with -18 yards on a single carry in 2010).

Stats via Pro Football Reference

Denver Nuggets

Original Nuggets (1948-50) record: 29-95 (0.234)

All-time record (ABA & NBA, 1969 to present): 1933-1938 at press time (0.499)

All-time playoff record: 53-85 (0.384 with zero NBA Championships)

Alex English: 21,645 points in 837 games in a Nuggets uniform (25.9 per game), with a 50.7 shooting percentage, and per-game averages of 5.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists. English is the franchise's all-time leader in total games, minutes, points, offensive rebounds and assists.

Carmelo Anthony: 13,970 points in in 554 games with the Nuggets (25.2 per game), with a 45.9 shooting percentage, 6.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists.

David Thompson had 11,992 points in 498 games in a Denver uniform (24.1 per game), shot 51.0 percent, with 4.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists.

But somehow recently departed journeyman center Kosta Koufos tops these three in career "Offensive Rating," whatever that stat means.

Stats via Basketball Reference

Colorado Rockies

All-time regular season record (1993-2014): 1641-1861 (0.469)

Playoff record: 9-10 (0.474 with zero World Series Championships)

All-time records of other recent expansion teams 

Florida/Miami Marlins (1993-2014): r
egular season record: 1643-1853 (0.470); Playoff record: 22-11 (0.667 with two World Series Championships)

Arizona Diamondbacks (1998-2014): regular season record: 1355-1399 (0.492); playoff record: 17-19  (0.472 with one World Series Championship)

Tampa Bay Rays (1998-2014): regular season record: 1272-1480 (0.462); playoff record: 13-17 (0.433 with zero World Series Championship)

Then there's the Coors Field factorIn 1999, the major league record for most home runs at a ballpark for one season was set: 303, to match the area code, or one home run per 19.6 at bats.

There have been about 13 million at bats and 300,000 home runs in major league history, an average of one home run per 43 at bats, give or take. At Coors Field, there have been 4,005 cumulative home runs in 114,257 at bats, or one homer for every 28.5 at bats.

Keep in mind there are more homers in the modern era. One homer per 110 at bats was the norm for the 1940s and lately it's more like one homer for every 40 at bats.

Data via Wikipedia

Colorado Avalanche

Record as Colorado Avalanche (1995-2015): 750-512-101-56-31 at press time (0.552)

Record as Quebec Nordiques (1979-1995): 497-599-160 (0.459)

Back when the team was the NHL's Yankees and there was no salary cap, the 1995-2004 Avs went 400-216-101 through 2003-04 -- a 0.628 winning percentage.

The 2004-2005 season was not played due to labor issues. A salary cap was instituted. Yankees on ice no more.

At press time, the team's 2005-2015 record was 350-296-0-56-31 -- or 0.477.

All-time playoff record as the Avalanche: 100-74 (0.575)

Playoff record (1995-2005): 87-55 (0.613)

Playoff record (2005-2015): 13-19 (0.406)

The Avs won more playoff games in 1996 (16) -- when they brought home the Stanley Cup following their first season in Denver -- than they have in the last decade.

Data via Wikipedia

Other sports

All-time record for DU men's hockey: 1,230-833-116 at press time (0.591 with seven NCAA tournament championships: 1958, 1960, 1961, 1968, 1969, 2004, 2005)

Regis University men's basketball: Just-retired coach Lonnie Porter holds the record for most victories as a college basketball coach (at any level) in Colorado history with 538 wins. Additionally, his basketball teams maintained a 95 percent graduation rate among players.

Metro State men's basketball: 465-105 record (0.816) since joining Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference in 1996, with two national championships

Colorado Rapids (Major League Soccer) all-time record: 224-255-115 (0.483), with a MLS Cup championship in 2010

2015 attendance at National Western Stock Show & Rodeo: 682,539 (second-highest in the event's 109-year-history)

Total payout to rodeo contestants at the January 2015 event: $756,000

The first champion steer sold for 33 cents a pound in 1906 and $58 a pound in 2006, an inflation-adjusted increase of nearly 800 percent.

Years that have passed since Denver spurned the 1976 Winter Olympics: 36

Number of Olympic bids awarded to city in the time since: 0


Total sunny days in Denver: more than 300 a year

Total acreage of parks in Denver city limits: more than 5,000

Miles of trails in city limits: more than 100

Municipal golf courses: 8 (135 holes in all)

It appears that the largest fish caught in city limits (by length) was a 42" common carp, caught by David Torri. If you cast a wider net around metro Denver, Brian Husmann caught a 57-pound grass carp in Lakewood in 2013, the heaviest fish ever caught with a rod and reel in Colorado.

Total acreage of Denver Mountain Parks: more than 14,000

Ski areas within 100 miles of Denver: 9 (Eldora, Loveland, Winter Park, Ski Granby, Vail, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, A-Basin, Keystone)

National parks within 100 miles: 1 (Rocky Mountain)

State parks within 100 miles: 15 (Golden Gate Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, Staunton, Roxborough, Chatfield, Cherry Creek, Castlewood Canyon, Cheyenne Mountain, Mueller, Barr Lake, St. Vrain, Jackson Lake, Boyd Lake, Lory)

Species of wildlife to watch at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge on the northern outskirts of the city: 330

Rows of seats at Red Rocks Amphitheatre: 69

It's a 5K run if you run back and forth each row on your way from the stage to the top. It's much cooler than a StairMaster (The Beatles never performed on a StairMaster), and the air is about 18 percent oxygen at Denver's mile-high elevation -- that's 17 percent less oxygen than there is at sea level.

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