Denver by the Data

Denver by the Data is a quasi-monthly, data-driven belly flop into different topics of importance, inevitability and infamy to the city.

Denver by the Data, Vol. 1: Size, Scope & Scale

From end to end, Colfax Avenue is 26.1 miles long, cutting through Aurora, Denver, and Lakewood. Broadway is about eight miles from where it enters Denver at Yale Avenue to where it turns into Brighton Boulevard northeast of downtown. The South Platte River is 10.5 miles from where it enters Denver city limits on the southwest side of town to where it exits on the north. It's a 37-mile drive from far southwestern Denver to DIA.

Denver by the Data, Vol. 2: Lawyers, Guns & Money 

Output of the Denver Mint (2014): 6,789,080,000 coins or about 18 million coins a day

That's nearly 300 million more than the Philadelphia Mint, the only other facility where circulating coins are made in the U.S. (Paper currency is made by the U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving in Washington, D.C., and Fort Worth, Texas.)

Total pennies made in Denver in 2014: 4,155,600,000 or $41,556,000

Denver by the Data, Vol. 3: Sports & Recreation

Rushing TDs as a Bronco: Elway had 33 and Manning has 1. (Terrell Davis had 60 and Tim Tebow had 12.)

Elway is 7th in rushing yards for the franchise, with 3,407 on 774 carries. (Davis is no. 1 with 7,607 rushing yards on 1,655 carries.) Manning is dead last in franchise history -- 260th of 260 players who have ever had one rushing attempt -- in rushing yards, with -49 yards on 79 carries, just below Brandon Lloyd (no. 259 with -18 yards on a single carry in 2010).

Denver by the Data, Vol. 4: Housing & Real Estate

A total of 230,082 building permits were issued in Denver from 2011 to 2014, and builders spent an estimated $8.41 billion on construction materials and labor costs in the city during that same period. The city processed 32 percent more building permits in 2014 than it did in 2011. 

Denver by the Data, Vol. 5: Brewing & Beer

Now that Breckenridge Brewery has departed for the south suburbs, Great Divide Brewing Company in Arapahoe Square is now the largest brewery in the city. Founded in 1993 by Brian Dunn, Great Divide brewed 41,924 barrels in 2014 and and was trending "up" in 2015.

Denver by the Data, Vol. 6: Marijuana

2014 gross marijuana sales in Denver: $331,727,227

2015 gross sales: $410,361,282

That's 24 percent year-over-year growth.

Denver by the Data, Vol. 7: Water

Sprinklers and other outdoor applications make up a full half of residential water usage. Toilets are second (12 percent), followed by showers (11 percent), washing machines (9 percent), faucets (8 percent) and leaks (5 percent). Dishwashers and baths are each 1 percent. 

Denver by the Data, Vol. 8: Population & Demographics

Total number of housing units in city limits
2010: 285,797
2015: 304,037

While the city's population was up 13.7 percent in this five-year period, the number of housing units increased by less than half of that, just 6.4 percent.

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