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Ivy Hughes

Ivy Hughes is a Colorado native and coffee shop junkie. Contact her here.


Art of Winter

More than 40 Denver Artists in Throes of Art of Winter

For the third year in a row, Denver artists, restaurants, designers and entrepreneurs collaborate with the snow industry for a three-week placemaking experiment called the Art of Winter


Coworking Community Unites with Denver Coworks

Denver is one of only five cities with a coworking coalition designed to promote its plethora of coworking spaces while also creating a vast coworking community. In December, Denver joined Seattle, Toronto, Boulder and Austin in its efforts to foster a tight group of freelancers via a coworking coalition. 


New Year's Resolution Creates Space for Female Entrepreneurs

With the new year comes a new meetup group designed to educate, empower and support female entrepreneurs. 

Sipping 'N Painting in the Highlands packs a full house.

Yelping, Grouponing and Forklying Through Denver

Looking for something to do over the holidays? Become a visitor in your own town and Groupon, Yelp and Forkly your way through the city. We did it for three days. A liver transplant and $175 in parking tickets later, and we’ve got some new favorite hangouts.

Calendar made from beetlekill pine.

What Wood You Do?: A Lesson in Sustainable Profits

Two companies. Two ideas. Two ill-fated materials. One impressive way to turn a profit. 
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