WSJ takes winter trip to Denver

The Wall Street Journal ignored the ski resorts and reported on a family vacation to Denver.


THERE IS A single line of purple seats at the Colorado Rockies' Coors Field, indicating a height of 5,280 feet above sea level. Such reminders that you're in the Mile High City are never far away in Denver, but this town has quietly risen above its reputation for thin air, bearded skiers and a mega-hub airport; it's now equally known for world-class food along with insane vistas and other outdoor pursuits that don't involve $160 lift tickets. My family has its little secret go-to spot in the Caribbean, but the kids wanted to try something new this winter, so we decided to give Denver a few days to win us over.

Chloe, an amateur photographer, is a sophomore at NYU. Sam is a sports-loving high school pitcher, and Jonah, 12, had to be torn away from his computer to make the flight. My wife, Leslie, a super-healthy foodie, headed up planning.

Denver isn't really in the Rocky Mountains. It's more of a base camp at their edge: the last flat spot to pitch your tent as you head west for gold. All of the visitor literature warns that you will get winded walking up stairs and tipsy on a single beer, but, given our mild, touristy level of physical exertion, all the thin air did was stoke our appetites, which was fine, because Leslie had a long list of restaurants she wanted to try.

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