WSJ talks to MM Local about scaling food startups

The Wall Street Journal talked to Denver's MM Local in a story about growing pains for artisanal food startups.


For many food makers, the solution is simply time. Ben Mustin, co-founder of MM Local Foods in Denver, spent three years getting farmers to agree to ongoing contracts with him for produce. He also worked with both farmers' market customers and retailers like Whole Foods and Lucky's Market to accept seasonal shifts in inventory.

"It took a while, but eventually we got customers to be OK with the fact that when the peaches are gone, they're gone, but maybe we have tomatoes now, or green beans or pears," Mr. Mustin says. "Now it's more of a positive thing, and sometimes even a selling point, where customers want to make sure to get the peaches while they can, and then they look forward to seeing what comes next, too."

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