WSJ spotlights Denver's Folsom Custom Skis

The Wall Street Journal profiled Folsom Custom Skis of Denver for a story on custom skis.


Some small custom-ski makers also sell ready-made models as a way to boost business. Such is the approach of Folsom Custom Skis, which is based in Denver. "We have a huge range of customers, from the guy who has tried everything and wants a fully custom ski to the person who just wants personal artwork," said Ryan Prentice, the company's chief of sales.

For the skier who may not be ready to commit to a customized ski but prefers something one-of-a-kind, Folsom can tweak its ready-made models. "If people are looking for a cheaper build, we can help them select the right ski from our retail line…and then we finish it with a custom graphic of whatever they want," said Mr. Prentice.

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