Lara Ruggles dishes on Denver music scene with Weld for Birmingham

Denver-based singer-songwriter Lara Ruggles discussed the local music scene -- and skyrocketing rents -- with Alabama alt-weekly Weld for Birmingham.


Weld: What is the Denver scene like and how has it affected you as an artist? 

Ruggles: I feel like everyone has different experiences with any given scene, but I've been lucky to find the Denver scene very welcoming and collaborative. Everyone kind of appreciates and shouts out each other's work and I think Denver is so full of so many talented bands and songwriters that any ten people could be involved in a completely different music scene and have hardly any overlap of the bands they know.

I've noticed there is this thing among Denver bands where it seems like all my favorite bands have written at least one song in 7/4 [time signature]. I haven't fulfilled that challenge yet, but I think it's a worthy one. I love Denver, but it's hard to know where I'll end up after this summer's over -- unfortunately rent is rising so fast that it doesn't feel like a place I will be able to live.

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