Norfolk, the latest city to witness, and envy, Denver transit

Jordan Pascale, who covers transportation for The Virginian-Pilot, writes about RTD's light rail to DIA and uses it as a platform for discussing the transit system in Norfolk.

He writes:

"I’m convinced, now more than ever, that if Norfolk’s proposed light-rail extension doesn’t go to Norfolk International Airport, then we’ve made a huge mistake."

He's good at explaining how it works:

"Technically it’s designated commuter rail – the cars look a bit more like subway cars on the outside and have a higher capacity than Norfolk’s light rail but still feel like light rail on the inside."

And he points out its peculiarities, which is kind of entertaining:

"One odd thing that I noticed: police and other personnel stationed at each crossing gate holding stop signs as the train passed. They had umbrellas set up and everything to keep them out of the heat. I thought it was just a weird Colorado law.

Turns out the gates have been malfunctioning. The private consortium is footing nearly $6 million a year to staff the gates."

And this:

"Some things are confusing, especially to this out-of-towner. The airport line is called the “University of Colorado A Line” despite not serving any of the campuses. It’s merely a name sponsorship deal."

Read the whole story here.

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