Airways News takes a "Mile-Highatus" on inaugural Virgin America flight to DIA

Airways News covered the first Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Denver.


Virgin America CEO David Cush spoke following Hancock. He said the new route connects two of America's most important tech-focused cities, and added that Denver had been its highest demand new city from customers, prior to being announced. The airline is offering three flights a day, each way from SFO to DEN. It will have plenty of competition from Denver's incumbent airlines as well. Frontier and Southwest also offer three each way, and United logs up to fourteen each way on weekdays.

Sir Richard Branson was on hand for the celebration, doing what he does best -- making PR reps nervous as he goes off-script. Though he's a minority shareholder in Virgin America, his role makes him somewhat of a King to David Cush, the Prime Minister. It's obvious that Branson receives the fandom and adoration, while it is Cush who runs the show. The crowd received Branson with loud applause as he took the podium. He joked that he was given talking points, but had stuck the note cards in his back pocket. Branson noted that he has been at every single city inauguration for Virgin America. Branson shared that Denver is one of his favorite places to have fun, saying, "We're going to a state that has sensible, liberal, rational policies where we can all have a lot of fun and not be dragged off by the police." He's known for skiing in Colorado regularly and also said, "If I lived in America, I would live in Denver."

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