Thrillist pits Denver against Boulder

Denver's Adam Cayton-Holland and Boulder's Hippieman defend their fair cities and creatively critique the other's on Thrillist.


6. The People 

Denver's Adam Cayton-Holland: Hmm, where do I even begin? A bunch of state-school steak-heads raging for four years straight, and a bunch of aging Naropa pseudo-Buddhists trying to creepily [make sweet love to] their grad students during peyote ceremonies, or a thriving city-on-the-rise bursting with entrepreneurs and forward-thinking creative types that attracts the cream of the crop from four or more states, in pretty much every direction? Gee, I have no idea which group of people I prefer. 

Boulder's Hippieman: I'm a Boulder native, and I don't like to go hard after people (unless I'm in the bedroom), but I will say that I prefer weed over alcohol, and Denver seems to run on alcohol. As a pedestrian in LoDo at night, I'm always running into drunks, and drunks are always (literally) running into me. It's like a bad gameshow where you get extra points if you tag a hippie. I'll be the first to say that Boulder's residents have an air of pretension and superiority, but I still prefer those people to the ones I find in Denver. In Boulder, I can't walk a block without getting a hug... or a dimebag.

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