The Beat reviews Denver Comic Con 2013

The Beat says the explosive growth and popularity of Denver Comic Con overwhelmed the event in 2013.


On the upside, many of the con attendees (and a tremendous number in cosplay) are actually being patient and simply biding their time to make the best of it.They are very excited to be at DCC and enjoying the whole fandom experience of a new con in Colorado.

I’ve never abandoned a con before, but today it happened. When I finally gained access to the panel hallways, with minutes to spare, in order to cover them as a journalist, I found that the panels I was looking for had been cancelled or moved to a later time. Looking at the waits to get onto the floor (unprecedented in my experience of quite a number of cons), it wasn’t worth the suffering in my opinion. I’ll try again later, but for now the massive, speedy growth of Denver Comic Con has defeated its best intentions and also for now, defeated my own enthusiasm for con-going. It’s only Saturday midday out here in Denver, and things may improve, but as a journalist, I’m not getting much done in what I came here to do.

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