Snowmastodon arrives at DMNS

Renowned wildlife sculptor Kent Ullberg delivered his Snowmastodon sculpture to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, reported the Loveland Reporter-Herald.


After two intense years, late hours, long nights and not being able to say a word about what he was working on, Kent Ullberg will see his sculpture, "Snowmastodon," dedicated Thursday at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

This is the mastodon he and several scientists designed and built in two years, and hauled down to Denver on a truck while narrowly escaping low-hanging streetlights.

"Hauling it down there was really scary, even laying it down as we did," Ullberg said Monday morning. Even on its side, the mastodon was 14 feet 7 inches tall. Some underpasses on the interstate are under 13 feet, which meant the driver and caravan of flashing cars took a creative route to Denver with the sculpture from Art Castings of Loveland.

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