Re/code looks at Denver startup scene

Re/code recently looked at the Denver-Boulder startup scene.


It's hard to miss a pattern that has emerged in the current crop of tech startups either going public, being acquired or getting funded in recent months: While the majority have been based in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, a fair number have also come from Colorado.

It has been about a year since Boulder-based Rally Software, a company that supplies software development tools in the cloud, raised $84 million in an IPO. More Colorado companies are likely headed down the IPO pipeline: Denver-based Ping Identity, which supplies software to help companies manage the login credentials of their employees, raised $44 million in a Series F last year in anticipation of an IPO that could happen this year. And just last week, Twitter acquired Boulder-based Gnip, a supplier of Twitter’s data stream, after it had raised about $7 million in two funding rounds.

While it's no Silicon Valley, Colorado's venture capital community is gaining momentum. Today the state's leading venture capital organization will announce a new conference called the Colorado Venture Summit to be held on June 19 that's intended to promote new business in the Rocky Mountain state, where VCs have invested roughly $3.5 billion since 2008.

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