Public Arts class enhances downtown campus art

University of Colorado Denver students taking a Public Art class are cleaning up and enhancing downtown public art.


Rian Kerrane, associate professor of sculpture, established the Public Art class as part of the College of Arts & Media curriculum to engage students with established artists, as well give them an opportunity to create public art pieces. The class noticed that the paint had faded on Windsong V, a sculpture installed near the P.E. Building in 1983 by renowned Denver artist Robert Mangold.

"Some of the artwork we have on our campus looks a little lost and forlorn right now," Kerrane said.

The piece is part of a much larger series of work by Mangold. Students in this fall's Public Art class -- Brian Ward, Laura Phelps Rogers, Matt Evans and Kevin Turvey -- inspected Windsong V and gave a condition report to the artist. The class invited Mangold back to campus to discuss the piece's history and come up with a work plan.

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