$7 billion hospitality boost attracts World Property Channel

Denver’s $7 billion, 10-year investment has had a profound impact on the city attracting visitors and media from all over the country.


Over the past decade, Denver has spent more than $7 billion to upgrade its hospitality infrastructure. The airport is now the fifth-busiest in America. The downtown, once in a state of neglect, is now considered one of the most walkable in America. The Denver Performing Arts Complex is the second-largest facility of its kind in America. And the country's newest light-rail system links it all together.
There are over 300 restaurants downtown, representing cuisines from every corner of the world - including many with farm-to-table Colorado cuisine. The Fort Restaurant sits in red rocks at the base of the mountains - and serves more buffalo than any restaurant in America. The Wynkoop Brewing Company is in an 1888 building filled with wood and wagon wheels, featuring locally-sourced buffalo and elk, as well as a dozen of its own craft beers. It's also Denver's oldest brewery, founded some years back by Colorado's current Governor, John Hickenlooper.
There are over 200 different beers brewed here, in fact, making Denver "The Craft Beer Capital of America." Coors Brewery, just outside of town, is the largest in the world. And there are 24 wineries on the Front Range
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