NY Times blogs about Biennial of the Americas

The New York Times highlighted the art of the Biennial of the Americas, kicking off this week in Denver.


Carson Chan, one of four curators, is no stranger to art biennials in unexpected places: the Berlin resident, who was born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, was behind the successful resurrection of last year's Marrakech Biennale. For Denver, the 33-year-old decided to take the art out of the museum and into the streets. Under the title "Draft Urbanism," 30 artists are turning downtown Denver into a two-month-long outdoor exhibition that will include artwork on billboards and public signage by Julieta Aranda, James Franco, Cyprien Gaillard, Liam Gillick, Laurel Nakadate, Jeremy Shaw, Isabella Rozendaal and more. The show will also include large-scale urban installations by four different architecture studios. Shortly before the opening, Chan discussed the peculiarities of Colorado’s capital and why this may be the first biennial with its own beer.

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