NY Times explains "why people actually like" DIA

The New York Times tackled "why people actually like Denver International Airport" in a Q&A with CEO Kim Day.


Airports are an inevitable part of the lives of most travelers. But few would say that they have a passion for them. Kim Day, the chief executive of Denver International Airport, is an exception. In a previous life, Ms. Day, 61, was an architect, and she says that shaped her career running airports. “I see the world, and airports, differently than most people,” she told the audience at the Skift Global Forum, a travel conference held last month in Brooklyn. "I can't walk into a space without critiquing it and wanting to rearrange the furniture. And I plan every vacation around buildings and spaces around the world that I want to see."

Since taking over at the Denver airport in 2008, Ms. Day has helped to transform it into the envy of airports around the country: In this year's annual World Airport Awards rankings, it held the eighth spot for all airports with more than 50 million passengers per year, the top United States ranking. One improvement is brand-new: a 519-room Westin Hotel that opens on Nov. 19 just next to the iconic canopies of the Jeppesen terminal. (An adjoining public plaza will host events and two restaurants, each with outdoor seating.) And next April will see the addition of a commuter rail, with access from a terminal under the hotel, and just a few minutes from security, that gets travelers from the airport to Union Station in downtown Denver in just 37 minutes.

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