"Rise and rise" of Denver's Altitude Digital Partners profiled at MediaJobs.com

 MediaJobs.com covered the "rise and rise" of Denver's Altitude Digital Partners.


Denver-based startup Altitude Digital Partners matches publishers with advertisers through a real-time bidding platform that functions like online Adland’s very own eBay. The efforts of art directors and account managers get to be a little more appreciated courtesy of Altitude Digital, because their product is more likely to be seen. It combines user data from online and offline sources, cross-referencing information held by cookies with information from third-party firms like Experian. Video ads get targeted far more effectively, ending up being viewed rather than simply skipped (the fate of too many art directors' online creations).

Back in 2009, erstwhile online advertising sales rep, Jerry Ostermiller, decided to dust himself off after the early bloodbath of the recession and sink his last remaining $500 into developing a website. He'd set his eyes on an untapped market: relatively unknown publishers who, despite their low profile, still managed to drive oceans of Web traffic.

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