Forbes Life spotlights Leopold Bros. gin

The latest in a long line of national buzz for Denver's distilling Leopold Brothers, Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin earned kudos from Forbes Life.


Leopold’s, Navy Strength
The Denver distillery’s astonishingly vivid, clean, fresh-tasting gin that even at 114 proof “Navy Strength” (there’s also a “regular” 80 proof) retains a nuanced, juniper-driven floral delicacy.


Brothers Scott and Todd Leopold flipped a house to buy their first brewpub, then dreamed up a new take on gin, with each botanical distilled individually. "It’s like simple cooking," Todd explains. "The best chefs do it, but it’s the hardest way to go." That gin is a 40,000-bottle brand now, and they are tackling a bigger construction project: a 30,000-square-foot distillery.

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