Indian Country Today spotlights Gregg Deal at DAM

Paiute performance artist Gregg Deal is shattering stereotypes at the Denver Art Museum, reported Indian Country Today Media Network.


It's winter in Colorado. You walk into the residency space at the Denver Art Museum [DAM], and there stands artist Gregg Deal; he's tall with slicked-back hair pulled tightly into a ponytail. He's surrounded by his work, and also some props -- a feather headdress, a long breastplate, and shirt and pants with fringe.

Deal, who’s Pyramid Lake Paiute and a performance artist, said, as part of his art, he will don the faux Native American items in public to address the concept -- or misconception -- of Native Americans in the 21st century. Deal is the current Native Arts Artist-in-Residence at DAM.

Recently, for one of his performances, Deal sat within a barricade outside of the museum clad in his Native American clothing and face paint. He said he was approached by passersby who were visibly curious why there was an Indian just posted there. Some ignored him. Some sneered. Others attempted to engage him. But he said he would not respond. When he's in the attire he’s in character -- a figure in a living painting, if you will.

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