Inc. points to Denver's Creative Density as must know co-working space

In a piece about how coworking spaces help businesses succeed, Inc. magazine highlighted Denver’s Creative Density – one of Denver’s many impressive coworking spaces -- as a good spot for nomads. 


Garages and bedrooms may be the archetypal home of scrappy new ventures, but these days entrepreneurs have another option when it comes deciding where to locate a fledgling business: coworking spaces. These communal offices draw independent workers and start-ups to a shared office environment, usually at relatively low-cost, providing conference rooms and photocopiers as well as other less tangible benefits for entrepreneurs.

What are these? CNBC recently rounded up a few ways co-working spaces help new businesses succeed, including low overhead and networking, but to get a fuller picture of the advantages these spaces offer entrepreneurs we went straight to the horse's mouth, emailing a handful of space owners and start-up founders who built their businesses at coworking spaces for their perspective on the coworking experience for entrepreneurs.

Liz Elam, founder of Link Coworking in Austin and an organizer of the upcoming Global Coworking Uncoference Conference, who also wrote the CNBC piece, expanded on the networking benefits of spaces like hers when we got in touch, noting that interactions with fellow coworking members often go beyond what we traditionally think of as networking to encompass emotional 'support.' This reflects the community focus of many involved in coworking. She writes:

The number one reason that a new business should join a coworking space is for the community support.  Opening your own business is scary.  It’s a huge risk personally and professionally.  Coworking members will support you. They will let you bounce your ideas, give you honest feedback, and cheer you on when you have a success. It’s a ready-made, diverse support mechanism just waiting for you to walk in and join. We have named numerous businesses, changed website flow and even tasted products at Link.

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