Inc. profiles Tender Belly

Inc. shined a spotlight on Denver craft bacon makers, Tender Belly.


Erik worked his connections in the culinary community to get Tender Belly products into some of the hottest restaurants in the West. Chefs like Paul Qui at Qui, in Austin, and Alex Seidel at Mercantile Dining & Provisions, in Denver, began featuring the Duffys' pork products in their dishes and putting the trademarked Tender Belly name on their menus. "That's been a huge, huge thing," Shannon says of the chef endorsements. "People saw us, we had some local press right away, and people started asking, 'Where can we get it?'" Today, sales to restaurants bring in 80 percent of revenue; grocery stores contribute 15 percent, and direct sales via the website make up the remaining 5 percent.

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