The Atlantic recognizes Denver retail stronghold -- I Heart Denver Store

Does anyone living in Denver not know how I Heart Denver Store Proprietor Samuel Schimek helps expose all things Denver? If they didn’t, they do now. 


David Rasmussen has been designing and handcrafting custom wooden furniture for more than 15 years, building everything from cabinets to tree houses. Recently, the Carbondale, Col.-based craftsman and his team have also begun experimenting with developing product lines, such as wooden plates and bike shelves. "We're refining the process," he says. "We're getting really good at making things."

He is one of more than 130 Colorado artists spotlighted at the I Heart Denver Store, located at the Denver Pavilions in the heart of the Downtown District. The shop features a broad mix of handmade artwork, apparel, and other products by independent Colorado artists and creators, including those who are just launching their careers as well as veterans of the state's arts scene. I Heart Denver Store is dedicated to supporting that community: 70 percent of all sales go directly to the artists each month.

"I love their business model," says Rasmussen. "They only take a 30 percent margin, where normally it's much higher. It helps artists reinvest in their work."

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