HuffPost publishes "Girl's Guide to Denver's Craft Breweries"

The Huffington Post ran a story about a non-beer drinker's adventures in Denver at Ratio, Epic, DeSteeg and Black Shirt Brewing.


Denver's brewpubs are as varied and creative as the beers they produce. Each one is different in terms of vibe, decor, and food served -- or in lieu of a kitchen which food truck parks on premises. Whether you want an Imperial Red Rye Stout at a heavy metal-themed brewery, or a Smoked and Oaked Belgian-Style Ale at one that transports you back to your grandma's house, Denver has it.

Having both worked in marketing for over 20 years Laura and I quickly anointed the day's outing "The Over-47-Year-Old Girl's Guide to Denver's Craft Beer Bars." After enlisting her very nice and patient husband to be our designated driver, we were on our way.

We made it to four breweries before deciding it was time for a cocktail. You can take the girl out of the martini, but you can't a martini out of the girl... or something like that.

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