Heathrow redevelopment looks to Stapleton as model, Bloomberg reports

The proposed Heathrow redevelopment in London looks to Stapleton as model, Bloomberg reports.


London Mayor Boris Johnson can point to the Rockies as he seeks to convince taxpayers and politicians to turn Heathrow Airport into a housing project and build a new hub 50 miles away at a cost of 65 billion pounds ($99 billion).

Johnson's plan to raze Europe’s busiest airport and replace it with 100,000 homes comes almost two decades after authorities in Denver shut the city’s Stapleton terminal in a move that delivered a boost in flight capacity plus a popular new suburb. His proposal is one of a number submitted last week to a state-appointed commission on the U.K.’s airport capacity shortage.

Once the fifth-largest hub in the U.S., Stapleton’s landing strip and buildings have been transformed into a community of 15,000 people with nine schools and Denver’s third-largest park. Fifteen miles to the northeast, the new Denver International airport lured 53 million passengers last year, 17 million more than the capacity of Stapleton before it closed in 1995.

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