The Guardian covers "420 friendly" tourism industry in Denver

The Guardian published a piece on the "420 friendly" tourism industry in Denver.


Last year, the site was launched -- think of it as a kind of Airbnb for pot-friendly hosts with an extra room to rent. Naturally, this upset the Schneiders, who had built their own brand with Bud+Breakfast and say they stand apart from the sharing economy.

But the sharing economy model of marijuana lodging has become big business in Denver, where many have taken the sketchy liberty of signing long-term leases on several properties, then renting them out to cannabis smokers for hundreds of dollars a night. Founder of (a national resource for traveling stoners, which also helps tourists find "420 friendly" lodging), Jeremy Bamford says that public consumption laws need to be adjusted to meet the demand of pot-smoking tourists.

"There are a lot of tourists here, and [Denver city officials] are forcing them to break the law," Bamford said.

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