The Guardian takes a trip to Denver

The Guardian just published a travel feature on Denver.


Denver sprang up 155 years ago when prospectors hunkered down on the banks of the South Platte river near the Rocky Mountains to pan for specks of gold. They established an unlikely future metropolis, now home to two and a half million people. When I was growing up here, Denver suffered a post-1980s oil-bust funk and seemed content with its image as a sleepy stopover. But a 90s revitalisation transformed it, making it walkable, bikeable, even kayak-able, and attracting tech companies, startups, innovative chefs and creatives.

Denver only suffers about 35 overcast days a year. Consequently, Denverites are a sunny, sincere lot, traits so characteristic that whenever I encounter a crabby person, I always ask where they're from. In Denver, happiness is a way of life: a recent Gallup poll measured Colorado second only to Hawaii in its US wellbeing index. It's little wonder we're content in Denver, with a big blue sky, devotion to outdoor exercise that floods us with endorphins, and liberal consumption of craft beer.

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