Soulciti covers Denver-based Ed Dwight's black history memorial in Austin

The sculptor's massive monument is being installed on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol.


By all accounts, the 32-foot-long and 27-foot-high monument -- crafted by master sculptor Ed Dwight of Denver, CO -- is both massive and magnificent. From a north-facing distance, its high point parallels the Capitol's peak, and it sits across from a statue that honors Confederate states and the dates that they seceded from the Union during the Civil War.

"What I did is, I told the whole story of Texas from the beginning with all the visual details of it. I matched the stories with the visuals. And the story is all laid out for you," says Dwight, who has created statues and memorials around the U.S. and in Canada. "We've got an African American explorer exploring Texas in the 1500s, and we've got a Black astronaut from Texas exploring space. And all my stories have happy endings."

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