Does DIA have the best wifi on the planet?

Denver is getting some world-wide attention for its internet capabilities. The Financial, a publication out of Tbilisi, Georgia, reports that Denver International Airport has the "fastest Wi-Fi among the world’s top airports."

The article cites a report from  "the global internet testing and analysis company, Ookla."

An exceprt:

"According to Ookla, DEN offers free Wi-Fi with an average download speed of 78.22 Mbps, topping the list of more than 50 major airports tested across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. DEN previously was listed as the fastest Wi-Fi among U.S. airports by Ookla. Updated testing conducted from March to May 2017 found that DEN’s Wi-Fi speed increased by 27 percent. Additionally, Ookla noted a 60 percent improvement in cellular download speeds at DEN."

Reasd the story here.

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