The Daily Meal hurries to Denver for new beer festival

The Daily Meal gives insight into Denver’s newest beer festivals, the Parade of Darks.


The sun may set at a chilling 4 p.m. now, but there is one thing we love about the season of zero light: the dark beers that come into play. The beloved Denver brewery, Wynkoop, will showcase the country's best dark beers Dec. 1 in a new festival, Parade of Darks.

The festival is made just for the beers in the "amber-to-opaque color spectrum," and Westword shares that the beer list includes a whole variety of beer styles that will make your mouth water: barleywines, stouts, porters, sour ales, Scotch ales, and more. There will be 84 beers from 32 breweries, Wynkoop's Marty Jones told Westword. (And that includes the now infamous Rocky Mountain Oyster brew from Wynkoop.) 

You may be a dark beer novice, but you can start at the lighter end of the spectrum and work your way darker and darker. And while we may not all be in Denver to grab a dark brew, here are the best of the list to try this winter: 

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