Built in Denver connecting startups, raising city's profile

In case you haven’t heard of Built in Denver, a new site that highlights startups and entrepreneurship in Denver, it’s time to check it out.


Members, events, companies, blogs, jobs and more come together on the site as a go-to resource for those living in or near Denver and those outside Denver who want to know more about the City of Denver, Denver entrepreneurship, Denver startups and more.

A great thank you to Erik Mitisek, Built in Denver’s Chairman, for the legwork that went in to pulling this together.
Why “Built in Denver?” Why not “Built in Colorado?” Or “Built in America?”

For me the answer to this question goes to two key issues. First, focus. We want Denver to have a resource that allows the entire community to pull together and amplify the voices, opportunities, entrepreneurs, startups and supporting resources that make Denver one of the best places on the planet to live and work. A different, “Built in Colorado,” theme could accomplish only a part of that and “Built in America” rather misses the point – of focus – entirely.

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Ivy Hughes is a Colorado native and coffee shop junkie. Contact her here.
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