Bloomberg says Colorado "outshines them all" for startup scene

Bloomberg reported that Denver and other Colorado cities "outshine" Silicon Valley, Austin and Boston when it comes to job creation startups.


The actual numbers are stark: In 2011, the last year with data available, high-tech companies between one and five years of age created a net 16,700 jobs. Other businesses between one and five years in the private sector overall lost 513,700 jobs.

What's more, the foundation concludes, technology startups aren't located just in the usual places around Silicon Valley, Austin, Texas, and Boston. Some of the most dynamic cities for high-tech company formation include Missoula, Montana, and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

But Colorado outshines them all as a hub of innovation, with Boulder, Fort Collins-Loveland, the greater-Denver area and Colorado Springs in the top 10 metropolitan areas ranked by density of high-tech startups.

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