Al Jazeera America looks at marijuana industry in Denver

Al Jazeera America took profiled several people in the marijuana industry in Denver.


Tripp Keber runs Dixie Elixirs, a Denver company that specializes in marijuana-infused foods for medicinal purposes. He launched the company three years ago with one product, a soda infused with medicinal marijuana. Now, his company's portfolio includes approximately 85 products. "This is a company that is growing exponentially," he said. "We're adding (up to) two employees each and every month."

Keber is looking forward to expanding his business when legal recreational sales are permitted in Colorado. “This is certainly the most fascinating, exciting opportunity that I’ve personally ever been involved with," he said. "I can imagine this is going to be an industry that is growing exponentially." Here, an employee makes a chocolate candy that will eventually look like a Tootsie Roll and sell for approximately $8.

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