Co.EXIST spotlights open-source urban ag startup in Denver

Fast Company's Co.EXIST highlighted Aker, an open-source urban agriculture startup in Denver.


Another example of the trend: a new Denver-based company called Aker (pronounced "acre"). Aker has six new designs for urban agriculture products, including a two-hen chicken coop, a raised planter bed, and a multi-story worm hotel, and it's prepared to give them away for free so people can develop their own versions. You can download the blueprints from the Aker website, cut your own pieces of wood using a CNC routing machine, and assemble yourself, just as if it were an IKEA product. It won't cost you much more than the price of plywood.

Cofounder Tristan Copley Smith says he wants to spread access to homesteading equipment so more people can raise their own food and live more healthily. "There's a growing interest out there with people wanting to get back to the land," he says.

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