13th Floor tops HauntedHouse.com's list of best haunts in U.S.

The 13th Floor in Denver topped HauntedHouse.com's list of America's Best Haunts for 2016. The sister haunt, The Asylum, ranked fourth.


Haunted houses have long been a tradition of Halloween, evolving from basic tents and street fairs to the sophisticated spook factories of today featuring Hollywood-quality make up and special effects. Around the nation, long lines of thrill-seekers pay in a range from $20 to $50 per ticket for an hour or more of controlled fright. According to research about the business of haunted houses, this industry made popular through the late 1990s and early 2000 is now growing by leaps and bounds.

America’s Best Haunts was established to honor the attractions that are head and shoulders above the rest.  Any haunt can haunt America but only a select few can proudly proclaim that they have been selected as one of "America's Best."

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