TEDx coming to RiNo with reIMAGINE in April

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks are among the most popular ways to get innovative ideas out to the public spectrum. So it’s no surprise that TEDx, which supports local versions of the national events, is coming to RiNo -- one of Denver’s up and coming innovation centers, through the first TEDxRiNo event on Apr. 13.

The first event, reIMAGINE, is intended to cover topics relevant to the RiNo community and to spark meaningful conversation and collaboration to benefit the community, explains, Kimothy Pikor TEDxRiNo’s chief dreamer.

"We'd like to try and source as many speakers who have a vested interest in the RiNo community. However, we are welcoming speaker nominations from the greater Denver and Colorado community, as well," she says. "It's a venue to share the art district's creativity, innovation, and smart urban growth on the global TED platform -- to connect with other communities internationally via unbiased ideation."

TEDxRiNo isn’t the first TEDx group in Colorado, Pikor explains. "The largest organization is TEDxMileHigh, which hosts several events annually for several hundred attendees." She adds that that organization has been extremely supportive of TEDxRiNo, but says TEDx agreed that the River North Art District is different in tone, growth, residents/businesses and appearance compared to the rest of Denver, allowing RiNo to create its own chapter. "Our events will be reflective of this in the way that they are smaller (100 attendees max), highly attended by the arts community, and more intimate."

The deadline for speaker submissions and/or nominations is Jan. 23, 2015. Following the submission deadline, a panel will select six to eight speakers to present "the talk of their lives." Each will have up to 18 minutes to present.

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