Soundtrack Loops growing, releasing new loop libraries

Matthew Yost and Jason Donnelly co-founded Soundtrack Loops in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2006.

"Soundtrack Loops is a royalty-free loop company," says the Five Points-based Yost. "People can create music on the go and sell that music."

Loops range from synthetic drum beats to guitar riffs to bass licks. "You can blend those all together into a song," says Yost.

Loop Library Packs span hip-hop, house, and rock, include 100 or more loops and cost $6 to $80. Yost encourages local producers to reach out to learn about selling their content through Soundtrack Loops.

The company has grown "exponentially" since its first year and continually releases new loops. Currently, there are nearly 150 packs in the Soundtrack Loops catalog.

Following up a Hard House Anthems pack, an '80s New Wave library is slated for release later this week. "It'll be a fun pack," says Yost. "It's very New Wave."

Yost also has a web-development firm, Design Montra. His work is split evenly between the two companies.

"I just did not want to work for certain companies anymore and do certain kinds of work anymore," he says of his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Yost relocated to Chicago before moving to Denver in 2011. Donnelly is based in Los Angeles.

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