So Let's Roll app launches to help you find the local haps

It can be hard to know what's going on in a busy city like Denver that's where the new So Let's Roll app comes in. It's a Denver and Boulder-focused event aggregator app for iPads and iPhones that focuses on local and community-centric events.

The app shows unique events like an in-home culinary demo, an impromptu music performance, or a pop-up woodworking class, but the company says it won't cover arena-sized events or pro sporting events. Event hosts can publish their events on the app and through its site for free and people looking for something to do and check out local events on the go. They can create an account or log in through Facebook.

The app, developed by Paul Tamburello is more curated than most, keeping the quirky and distinctive in mind. "Our hope is that we can build an active community around the new and spontaneous," explains Tamburello. "So Let's Roll will collect the best happenings in the city so users can access those one-of-a-kind experiences."

"A city is so much more than just large corporate sponsored events, it's all the fine grain happenings that create a rich city culture. Denver is a great 'sports town' but we're so much more," Tamburello says. "Our goal is to amplify the diverse culture of our city through real-time access to the plethora of amazing happenings that create the heart of any city."

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