QuickZip's sheets win $250,000 at Capital Championship

Denver-based QuickZip has reimagined one of most used pieces of people's homes -- sheets. The line of products make it easier, quicker and cleaner to change sheets on beds ranging from cribs to California Kings.The company won the 2016 Capital Championship and $250,000 to help the company expand.

QuickZip's sheets cover the bottom of the bed, and the top is zipped into place. The flat top layer of the sheet s changed and washed and the bottom remains in place. Clothes don't get stuck in the sheet in the dryer and the clean sheet can be folded flat for easy storage. When the sheets are changed, people don't have to lift or move the mattress.

"This is a well-deserved win for QuickZip as they faced incredible competition from numerous startup companies across the country," said David Brey, executive director of Capital Championship. The championship, funded by Blue Ocean Enterprises and sponsored by OtterBox, Hewlett Packard, FirstBank, EKS&H and Hogan Lovells, had 10 finalists this year. It is aimed at the startup community to help entrepreneurs gain exposure, networking mentoring and cash.

"We saw tremendous presentations throughout the tournament and are thrilled for QuickZip. We appreciate the work they put into their company and hope this new cash infusion and mentorship helps move them to the next level, continuing the company's trajectory to success," Brey explained.

QuickZip will use the prize to help further its growth. "We will use the money for sales and marketing and product development so that we can bring smarter bedding solutions to more people and in new market segments," says QuickZip founder Elizabeth Sopher. "We will squeeze every drop out of the mentorship offered by OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises to maximize the impact of the funds. In the short term we will gain capacity through our partners and contractors and would likely hire in the longer term," she adds.  

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