New media buying conference comes to Denver

Ads are ubiquitous. But with all the opportunities for gaining consumers' attention, this ever-more-crowded space continues to get more complicated. That's the focus of a new mini-conference in Denver, Programmatic NOW, that's being held at Industry Denver on July 23.

"This is significant because programmatic is the future of digital media buying and it affects or will affect how nearly all media is purchased," said Ryan Wilson of FiveFifty, the event's title sponsor. "Events of this level are usually held in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or other 'major' markets. This conference is important to the Denver community because it gives local people that aren't all in on programmatic yet an easy opportunity to join the discussion."

Programmatic media automates media buying and placement, targeting customers across a variety of platforms, but it's not as known as traditional media yet. However, it is growing. It's expected that spending in programmatic media could reach $15 billion in the U.S. in 2015. In 2016, it could reach $20 billion.

"No longer can marketing and advertising professionals ignore programmatic," said Erin Cole of Accordant Media, a New York City-based media firm. "If you're in the advertising and marketing space and not working with programmatic at a high level you will be at a disadvantage."

Forest Whaling of Altitude Digital Partners says that the $89 ticket price is much lower for media conferences out of Denver. The conference will feature local programmatic leaders in afternoon sessions designed to explain and show the promise of programmatic marketing. The conference is supported through a partnership of the Denver Ad Club, Business Marketing Association, and AdTech Meetup.

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