PlainSmart offers DNA testing to aid in weight loss

In the never-ending quest to help people manage and lose weight, there is a slew of options. Now Denver's PlainSmart is offering a new tool, DNA testing.

The company is using DNA testing to help understand how genetic markers can impact metabolisms. "DNA testing identifies a body's strengths and weaknesses in processing nutrients, as well as personal requirements for physical activity. When we look at a client's genetic profile, we can interpret the markers and understand how their body is able (or not able) to metabolize foods," said Kassandra Gyimesi, RDN, PlainSmart's clinic director. "The report guides a lifetime nutrition plan that is medically sound, realistic and created solely for each individual's needs and lifestyle. With these diagnostic tools, we can pinpoint a client's metabolic rate, body composition and how his or her body responds to macronutrients -- focusing on unique needs for optimal weight-loss success."

The company claims that genetic testing, accomplished through a cheek swab, can show a genetic profile that reveals how a person processes proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and how to properly proportion them within a nutrition plan; ideal intensity and duration of physical activity for weight, energy and overall health; and a person's tendency to develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

The testing can help develop a nutritional and exercise program for PlainSmart's clients and is just one of its tools. It also uses a body composition analysis (BCA), meetings with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and provides a customized plan for its customers that starts at $295.

"Weight loss is a personal journey.  And, nothing is as personal as DNA, so we recognized it was time to bring them together for the best possible weight-management outcome," said Jonathan Harding, president of PlainSmart.

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