NSR, Kickfurther partner to boost data-driven investments

Denver-based NSR Invest is partnering with Kickfurther to boost the latter company's financing marketplace. Under the partnership, NSR's data-driven analysis tools will help Kickfurther's clients choose offers.

"This partnership has the potential to add tens of millions of dollars into our crowdfunding ecosystem," says Kickfurther CEO Sean De Clercq. "We admire the team at NSR Invest and their leadership as pioneers in FinTech. We're incredibly excited to work together to find more ways for all our customers to grow their money."

NSR connects investors and borrowers with plug and play investment opportunities. It provides services for individuals, wealth managers, family offices and institutions. Kickfurther will add another opportunity for investment on the NSR platform.

"Kickfurther provides our clients with a differentiated opportunity to access investment opportunities that provide enhanced yield," says NSR CEO Bo Brustkern. "Kickfurther is a fast-growing platform in the inventory financing space providing attractive short term yield opportunities on a fractionalized basis for both retail and accredited investors. This is an excellent fit for our 5,000-strong user base and aligns beautifully with our mandate."

Kickfurther helps young companies and startups finance inventory orders on a short-term basis. Company officials say its offers represent an average of 30.04 percent annualized growth.

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