Notion prepares to put more sense in remote sensors with runaway Kickstarter campaign

Denver-based Notion's funding campaign for its first product, a small, self-adhesive sensor that can detect eight different things, has been a runaway success -- and it's not even out of Kickstarter yet. The project has raised more than $200,000, quadruple its original goal of $50,000. (The campaign ends in mid-October.)

"We're thrilled with the results to say the least," says Longmont native and co-founder Brett Jurgens. "It's always very exciting as an entrepreneur, putting something out there and getting the reaction and having people pay money for something you created."

The sensors itself can be placed all over the home. It communicates with users' Wi-Fi networks and can send smartphones message via an app. Featuring seven versatile sensors, the device will be compatible with existing home automation and security systems at launch.

"It's a little counterintuitive that there are eight capabilities with only seven sensors, but we have one specialized unique sensor that's capable of a couple of things," says Jurgens. Each sensor can detect acceleration, water leaks, sounds temperature, light, orientation, natural frequency and proximity.

Jurgens explains that a lot of the early success the device is seeing is likely because of the company's efforts to meet the needs of potential customers and its work with Techstars Boulder. "We spent a lot of time with customers interviewing them about home security and automation, do-it-yourself," Jurgens says. "All of the learning and discussions out of that helped us tailor our messaging. More importantly it helped us focus the development of the product. We thought we had a pretty good understanding of what people wanted."

The company plans to start shipping to Kickstarter supporters in April 2015 and to have a broader launch in July 2015. While the funds could help the company launch the product more quickly, Jurgens says they don't want to rush it. "We would rather be meeting our deadlines . . . with a product we know is ingrained with everyone's feedback and is fully tested. We're doing beta testing already."

At present, the company is manufacturing the devices in Colorado. "Our plan is for the initial Kickstarter orders at the very least is to continue to manufacture here," Jurgens says.

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