Kapow opens Denver office to coordinate corporate events

Kapow Events, a corporate events marketplace, opened a Denver office to help coordinate marketing and events for Fortune 500 companies. The new office will help facilitate events with local establishments like restaurants, sport and music venues and more.

"Our platform makes the process of planning corporate events easier and more efficient so companies such as HP, Microsoft and Southwest Airlines can take their client entertainment to the next level," said Marc Halpin, CEO of Kapow Events. “We're excited to bring our platform to Denver and partner with some of the hottest restaurants and entertainment venues in the country.” 

The company says its services cost no more than booking directly with the locations. It allows companies to enter their planned budget, number of people attending and then let's them choose from a number of events and experiences. Kapow says events can range from sushi rolling to more traditional dinners to scavenger hunts, indoor skydiving or concerts.

On the other side of the platform its partners like restaurants and venues can use Kapow to schedule, manage and accept events -- even if they didn't book the events via Kapow's tools. As such the company's platform helps provide venues with additional marketing tools and can help fill unused private event space.

The company has been expanding and now has 170 employees across 17 U.S. cities and already has started hiring in Denver.

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