Idolum expanding staff at animation-oriented postproduction boutique

Founded in 2007 by Robin Schmachtenberger and Bob Maple, Idolum is growing in the Golden Triangle.

"We're up to five employees now and we'll probably add a couple more this year," says Schmachtenberger. "We've grown very methodically and very carefully." He anticipates adding another video editor and a sales/development person by the end of 2014.

The two Principals saw a sea change happening in postproduction when they started Idolum, with cheaper technology and a "wider cast of players" in terms of competition, says Schmachtenberger.

"Both of us came from a company in Lakewood called Crosspoint, a large postproduction company," he explains. "When you have a really large facility, you have to work to fill those rooms. At Idolum we wanted to be much more of a boutique and focus on the work we wanted to do."

That work usually entails 2D or 3D animation for clients like Curves, Dish Network and Waterpik. "We do 70 percent commercial and 30 percent corporate work," says Schmachtenberger. "Most everything we do has a heavy graphic component."

The work has migrated from a mix of analog digital to exclusively digital, says Schmachtenberger. "We used to send tapes by FedEx. Now everything is delivered electronically."

As much as things change, some things stay the same, he adds. "Companies change, companies absorb each other -- you always need to be making new contacts."

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