LoDo's Four Winds Interactive emerging as top company in digital signage systems

Four Winds Interactive (FWi), founded in 2005 by CEO David Levin and David Widener, is emerging as "the 800-pound gorilla" in the global digital signage space.
The company grew from 170 employees in January 2012 to 280 in May 2013 and currently have about 20 positions open "across the board," says FWi Director of Talent Nina Capriotti.
"We started out in with this idea of digital kiosks and that has grown and transformed into what's now known as the digital signage industry," says Capriotti.

The company develops digital signage software, resells hardware and offers consulting services for installations. Users can control content across a wide range of digital signage and mobile platforms. Gaming and hospitality are key verticals for FWi and the industry at large.
"We want to become the top player, "she adds. "We're in an emerging market. There are a lot of small companies, but no one dominant company."
Things are looking very good for FWi to become the space's pacesetter. Levin, 35, is a fixture on lists highlighting young business leaders. "We currently have customers in all 50 states and 27 countries," says Capriotti. 
The company is opening a showroom in Miami as an entry point into the Latin American market and cruise industry as well as an office in Hong Kong to handle booming business in places like Dubai.
Tavern Hospitality Group is a prominent public-facing local client, featuring custom feeds and crawls on TVs and displays under the mirrors in the restrooms. The company has also provided digital signage to the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

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